Meet Enchanted Duo

Enchanted Duo are a modern progressive rock and avant-garde band. With their transcendental books, music and amazing visuals they are bridging the gap between reality and dreams.   

Erasing the borders between the real and the fantastic. 

Chill out and discover work inspired by Enya, Rumi, nature magic, spirituality and rock guitar, and tales that take you into another world. Dont be surprised if this world is actually hiding deep within you. Are you ready to enter?  

If youre anything like us youre into progressive music, nature magic and all things ethereal. 

One of our greatest sources of inspiration is Mother Nature and we treasure the bond we share with her. The beauty, the magic and the messages.  

This really got us thinking when we were working on our products. What is important to us? And what is important to you? It's not just how we go about creating our magical content; it's very much about the kind of products that we finally produce.  

  • Originality and authenticity
We create what we believe in, straight from the heart.We develop our own materials.  
  • Quality

We take our time to finish our work, making sure that everything is perfect and that what we offer is always something we can feel proud of. 

  • Environment

We have carefully chosen partners who support the environment too. Like having our books printed on demand or publishing in small runs.  

Its things like this we feel will make a difference to the world. What do you think?  

With love, 
Anneli and Nicko