Werifesteria is the planned full-length Progressive Rock and New Age album from Enchanted Duo and more fantastic tales to challenge the mind and our reality.

Werifesteria is the name of the adventure and a whole world, and it's the name of the coming album from Enchanted Duo. Until it's complete, we're working really hard on it as we speak, we'll give you chapters. Chapter 4: Little bird lost, our phoenix fire fantasy novel is available.

At long last Little bird lost is available, and in the video below you get a preview of our song "Like a kite" too. Get the novel in our shop or as a kindle edition on Amazon.


Chapter 4: Little bird lost

Time to let the old go up in flames and be reborn with the fire magic of the phoenix. 

Little bird lost is a fantasy novel and the first part of the Werifesteria elemental novels exploring anxienty, high sensitivity and the power of re-birth, using the symbolism of the phoenix, the eruption of the volcano and the lava.

Prepare yourself for soul deep adventures, new discoveries, a magical realm, love and friendship.


Chapter 3: Sea inside + The raven in her heart

Winter magic, time of restfulness, time of celebration. The raven says: "Be in your spiritual power and limits will cease to exist."

"Sea inside" is a rock song with Celtic influences and a lyrics about intuition.

The book The raven in her heart is a Yuletide novella, a romance and a fantasy adventure inspired by the raven in Norse mythology. Follow Venla into the Elemental Realm to meet traditions of old.


Previous chapters

Werifesteria chapter 2: Soutaneë (name of the wind...) + Tree Kisses

Whenever I think of Soutaneë, she's always smiling, laughing, part wind, part body. She's always moving, flowing... just like the wind. I think of her as  wind spirit. In this chapter the red squirrel joins us with it's message: "Let go of the old to make room for something new." 

Together with Soutaneë we release Tree Kisses: A poetry collection inspired by the mythical Scandinavian forest. Your and my favorites from the Weekly Transcendentals, and some brand new ones.

It is also our first glimpse of a fantasy world hiding its borders deep inside the forest - bringing to life old folklore myths and symbols.

"He had tried to reason with the queen, earlier and again just now. He could only remember fragments. This was how he experienced what had just happened, but it had been reversed. He suspected that a full-blooded human wouldn’t remember anything. This was how she’d threatened his grandmother. He sighed again. She wasn’t evil, his wife, the queen of the Bogland. She’d grown up alone and come into her powers on her own. No one had instructed her. No one had given her boundaries and a sense of right and wrong. She was a spoiled child.

There were two important powers belonging to the ruler of the Bogland: 1. to manipulate time and 2. to sense the need to manipulate time. Apparently, time didn’t elapse by itself in the Bogland, and its ruler usually had the power to control time."

Werifesteria chapter 1: Gotta surrender
The first chapter of a new journey from Enchanted Duo is waiting for you. You’re about to head deeper into the forest and explore what dwells in the shadows. Is there really a battle between the spirit and the human mind? And what happens when we surrender? Our new song ”Gotta surrender to the way” explores this theme and then…

”Ruben flew up from his light and haunted sleep. Fully awake in just a split second. It had been more difficult than usual to drift away. Linda had broken up with him that same morning, he’d overlooked some tax debt that was now overdue and work seemed more like an all-consuming black hole. And now this! Burglars in his house.”

The beginning of a thrilling adventure, one that forces Ruben to face his deepest fears and darkness with just one option to surrender.

Gotta surrender spread 1

Soutaneë (song download) + Tree Kisses (paperback)
Gotta surrender ebook + song (downloads)
The raven in her heart (paperback)
Tree Kisses (paperback) + personal journal My Sanctuary (bundle)
Little bird lost (paperback) + song "Like a kite" (download)
Queen of mud and time (paperback) + song "I'm still wondering" (digital download)
Tree Kisses (paperback) + personal journal Strength (bundle)