Werifesteria is an adevnture.

A planned full-length Progressive Rock and New Age album from Enchanted Duo with five singles out, along with art, three poetry collections and three fantastic tales to take you to new places.

What is Werifesteria?

The journey continues with single no 5: "You're ashes and fire".


Tree Kisses (paperback) + Soutaneë song (digital download)
Gotta surrender ebook + song (downloads)
Grape Flowers (fine art print)
Tree Kisses (paperback) + personal journal My Sanctuary (bundle)
Idur, our Scandinavian elf (fine art print)
Ember (fine art print)
Little bird lost (paperback) + song "Like a kite" (digital download)
My Funny Dragon Valentine (fine art print)
My Funny Dragon Valentine (paperback)
The Raven in Her Heart (paperback)
Fae beast under the willow tree (fine art print)
Under a willow tree days tote bag
Grape Flowers hoodie (unisex)
Grape Flowers tote bag
Fern Fantasies Shadow Bunnies tote bag
Fern Fantasies Shadow Bunnies Fine Art Print
Ice bubbles tote bag
Tree Kisses trendy tote bag
Fern Fantasies Dragonfly tote bag
Fern Fantasies Dragonfly (fine art print)
Dragon meeting (fine art print)
Dragon meeting tote bag
Idur elven tote bag
Fern Fantasies Lamps trendy tote bag