Tree Kisses (paperback) + Soutane√ę song (digital download)
Gotta surrender ebook + song (downloads)
Grape Flowers (fine art print)
Limited edition Evanescere art & poetry book (hardcover) + CD
Tree Kisses (paperback) + personal journal My Sanctuary (bundle)
The raven in her heart (paperback)
Idur, our Scandinavian elf (fine art print)
Ember (fine art print)
Tunes from the realm (music bundle)
Little bird lost (paperback) + song "Like a kite" (digital download)
Evanescere faces (fine art print)
Elven reading nook (fine art print)
Winter babies (fine art print)
Petunia, Troll Mother (fine art print)
Grape Flowers (paperback)
Idur elven black art hoodie (unisex)
Queen of mud and time (paperback) + song "I'm still wondering" (digital download)
Evanescere (paperback)
Werifesteria novels and poetry: 3 books bundle (paperback)
Explorers (digital album)
Tree Kisses (paperback) + personal journal Strength (bundle)