Evanescere is a Latin verb, meaning "to vanish". And this is the theme of our product package. To remove layers of social conditioning stifling each and every one of us and to discover who we really are. This is why we call it transcendental poetry, music and theme album. It's about finding the soul.

”We all have moments when a book seems to ’arrive’ out of the blue and somehow you just know it’s meant for you. Evanescere is filled with the most beautiful poetry and passages that take you to a mystical world, somewhere deep inside yourself… Not to mention the CD with the most enchanting music…”
- More to Life Magazine

This collection of transcendental poetry and music erases the borders between the real and the fantastic. 148 pages of poetry and paintings, plus an album from Enchanted Duo including the song Ephemeral, 6 poems set to music and 12 minutes of meditation with a background of ethereal rock that will take you even deeper into the enchanted forest.Read more...


Temple of wisdom spread


”Oh yes I did, and it is beautiful. Perfect to listen to and read during ‘me-time’.”
- Sabine Ebert-Forbes


”You heal and inspire me every time I listen to your album. I’m listening every time I drive. Before Christmas I listened for four hours non-stop. What you’ve done is magical. Love it. Your voices together. The music. There’s so much power and so many dimensions. Thank you for doing this.”
- Christine Zema Jelvemo



Transcendental fantasy author Anneli von Knorring presents a breathtaking collection of tales and poetry to provoke, enchant and intrigue her readers. Let the walls of reality crumble and see where it will take you.

What if every lesson was a piece of wrapping paper we could just tear away?

The mixed pain and sadness that belongs to the echoes of time, thousands of years out of balance, a last barrier to truly embracing passion and divine femininity.

The moose ready to take you up on his back and into the depths of the forest.

That’s when another bubble caught my attention. My breath hastened. What was that? I caught the bubble on the tool…

Suddenly a vehicle of sorts landed on the front porch. I’d never seen its likeness other than in some sci-fi movie. I got up.

And the white dragon…

The meditative album from Enchanted Duo, a New Age, fantasy-infused band, brings life and music to the words in Evanescere.

"I was making my way through moss, trees and branches. This particular part of the forest was a bit tricky to get through. As I pushed through some low bushes I happened upon a large moose. He got up on his legs quickly, ready to protect himself, his crown of antlers towering majestically. I tried soothing words, but I had triggered his instincts. What should I do? ..."
(From Evanescere, "His Majesty”).

”Now that is plain beautiful [”His Majesty”]. I have to admit that I have not heard a spoken word song like that in some time. So when I hear something like that, that is something that will stay with me.”
- Iowa Pagan News Radio

Limited edition Evanescere art & poetry book (hardcover) + CD
Evanescere (paperback)
Evanescere faces (fine art print)