Werifesteria novels and poetry: 3 books bundle

  • €32,95
  • €37,95

Welcome to the Werifesteria adventure! This is an exclusive offer to get all the (so far released) paperback books in our Werifesteria Elemental adventure.

I just love that moment when a person expands and grows, and to blend that with folklore and magic... well, I lack the words.

Tree Kisses is a poetry collection that takes us into the Scandinavian forest realm and touch the traces of time and folklore.

Little lost bird explore anxienty, high sensitivity and the power of re-birth, using the symbolism of the phoenix.

The raven in her heart is a feel-good wintery tale where we explore the raven and its magic in Scandinavian folklore and myth. 

Prepare yourself for soul deep adventures, new discoveries, a magical realm and love.


  • The 3 books first books in the Werifesteria collection
  • The Tree Kisses poetry collection
  • Full novel Lost little bird
  • Full novel The raven i her heart
  • Perfect for "me-time" 



The books ship from France, Poland, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, or the United States, whichever is closest to your location.