Grape Flowers (paperback)

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Underneath the Birch Guard tree is a hidden summer temple.

In need a little bit of summer? Some time just for you? Ready to connect with natrure?
Then Grape Flowers and nature poems is just for you.

A bird calls,
A boy calls,
A cacophony of high-pitched echoes in the night.

It’s dark out.

The boy dozes now.

The bird calls on.

It moves to sit in the tree just outside my window.
My heart cries a bit.

Another bird replies from afar.
And the little boy sleeps.

Summer is a time of intense light, extremely long days and bright nights, since the sun drops just behind the horizon to almost immediately turn and rise again.

It can be very stressful, and it almost feels as if the body is in a fight with this bright, explosive season – which perhaps generates an even more pronounced need to find ways to slow the running mind. To find stillness in the midst of this flurry of life. To discover ways to chill; ways to re-connect with oneself and with nature.

I love observing, and noting down my observations of nature and its miniature realms – finding the perfect words, likenesses – pondering how these little miracles reflect the passing events of my own reality. It’s a way to hold on to a fleeting moment, encapsulating it – existing in that moment without rushing on and missing a small but rewarding epiphany.

Nature writing, I suppose it’s called.

So, here’s Grape Flowers, and many pages of summer reflections shaped and moulded into little nature poems.

Absorb, re-connect and reflect – but above all, just enjoy a moment to yourself and perhaps you’ll be inspired to look for the self-same miracles happening all around you, wherever you are.


    • Need summer to stick around a little longer?
    • Perfect for a cosy self-care day
    • Can't reach nature? Then let nature reach you
    • Author and art: Anneli von Knorring
    • 120 pages paperback book

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    Tiny, tart wheels
    Sprinkled on my tea.

    A happy moment
    Catches them soaking in the pool
    Clustering like some natant, imaginary cousin.

    Nature’s making art again,
    Right before my eyes.
    Just look around and see it too.

    Tiny, tart wheels,
    Grape flowers,
    Sprinkled on my tea.


    A magpie takes to the sky
    Like a white-tipped butterfly.

    A raven croaks pointedly
    from his northern pine,

    And the evening hums
    a forgotten lullaby.


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