Explorers: Digital album

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Explorers, self-released in 2017, is the second full-length album by Enchanted Duo. It’s an inspirational blend of New Age, rock and electronic music with poetic lyrics, exploring music and the spiritual realm. 

The album includes songs like:

  • The popular ”Come petrichor” explores values and how they change as we grow.
  • ”A rock for a heart”, with its punk touch, describes the heavy burden of loss.
  • ”I see you know” with Celtic influences and the deep message of seeing another’s soul.
  • ”Desert to the eye” has rock and metal influences and speaks of how to quiet the mind and to look inside.
  • And ”Pieces of darkness”, with its dripping rain, finger cymbals and whispers, digging for those inspiring and nurturing pieces of gold.


  • Over 40 minutes of New Age, fantasy music
  • Includes tracks such as ”Come petrichor”
  • MP3, WAV and FLAC files




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