Little bird lost (paperback) + song "Like a kite" (digital download)

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When there's a storm, ground yourself. Find your inner strength.

Ember knows she must do something vitally important, but she is not sure what it is. For too long she has been hiding in her home cave, keeping herself to herself, and trying to avoid the expectations of others. If only her fire elemental powers would manifest. But strange things are happening in the volcanic Kingdom of the Eternal Flame, and the handsome Dragon King Magmus insists that what she’s doing is important – even if it’s just collecting twigs in the forest. Too many mysteries are confusing them both and there’s a threat to the entire elemental realm. Ember battles with her anxiety, high sensitivity and empathic nature. If only she could believe in herself as much as King Magnus does.

Will she and King Magmus work out what to do in time? Especially when the Fire Council seem convinced Ember is the key to saving the realm.

A slow-burning romance tangled in fantasy adventure. Read about fire elemental Ember, Dragon King Magmus, and their volcanic kingdom.

Every novel has a happy ending, and there are no cliff-hangers. Each book in the Werifesteria elemental novels series can be read as a stand-alone story, but for the complete experience and to avoid spoilers it’s recommended that you read them in order.

Little bird lost by Anneli von Knorring is the first part of the Werifesteria elemental novels and explores anxienty, high sensitivity and the power of re-birth in a creative and fiery way, using the symbolism of the phoenix.

Prepare yourself for a soul deep adventure, new discoveries, a magical realm and heartfelt love.


"I haven’t read too much fantasy, but I love your story, the language, and the characters. I get the feeling of a young adult love story since the love is given space and is uncomplicated. Would love to have my own Magmus."

– Mari Madsäter-Sellin


This bundle is for you who love a feel-good, easy read adventure, wants to explore fire symbolism and the phoenix, along with a much needed dance break to the upbeat avant-garde song "Like a kite" to really embrace the inner transformation and energy of the phoenix.

The Werifesteria Elemental Novels:

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Little bird lost, volume 1 --> you're here :)

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Queen of mud and time, volume 3 --> read more here


  • Perfect for "me-time" and you can throw in as many dance breaks as you need
  • Is there a pheonix in you longing to get out?
  • Discover what it's like living with anxiety and high sensitivity, and perhaps some of that fiery magic in yourself
  • Author: Anneli von Knorring
  • Volume 1 in the Werifesteria elemental novels (but no cliff hangers)
  • Full novel, 309 pages, Little bird lost (paperback)
  • Song: "Like a kite" as download (Mp3)
  • Extras: Lyrics sheet and art cover (PDF, JPEG)
  • Bonus video: "Grounding passage" read from Little bird lost

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