Werifesteria novels and poetry: 3 books bundle (paperback)

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Who are you? A pheonix? A raven? Or the one dancing with trees?

Welcome to the Werifesteria adventure! This is an exclusive bundle to get all the (so far released) paperback books in our Werifesteria Elemental adventure.

I just love that moment when a person expands and grows, and to blend that with folklore and magic... well, I lack the words.

Tree Kisses is a poetry collection that takes you into the Scandinavian forest realm and touch the traces of time and folklore, and connects with the forest on a soul deep level.

Little bird lost explore anxienty, high sensitivity and the power of re-birth, using the symbolism of the phoenix. Let's see what fire magic and the soulmate bond can do for you.

The raven in her heart is a feel-good wintery tale where we explore the raven and its magic in Scandinavian folklore and myth. Thought, memory and personal strength.

Do you love soul deep adventures, new worlds, old symbols brought back to life, a little bit of mystery, healing and new discoveries, that deep connection to nature and its creatures and love? Well, lucky you, you're in the right place!

The Werifesteria Elemental Novels:

Read more about the entire series >>here<<

Little bird lost, volume 1 --> read more here

The raven in her heart, volume 2 --> read more here

Queen of mud and time, volume 3 --> read more here


  • Can't reach nature? Then let nature reach you
  • Perfect for "me-time" - let's get better at taking that time to yourself
  • Author: Anneli von Knorring
  • The 3 books first books in the Werifesteria collection
  • The Tree Kisses poetry collection (paperback)
  • Full novel Lost bird lost (paperback)
  • Full novella The raven i her heart (paperback)

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