Queen of mud and time (paperback) + song "I'm still wondering" (digital download)

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I'm still wondering where to go from here.
A path to be revealed, but first we heal.

Mineral has messed up. In fact, everything she has ever done is messed up. A muddy mess. As the Queen of Fenilya she needs to sort both her powers and her emotions out. Her ambition? To win her family back. But there are dark forces at work. Forces that have been working against her since even before she was born.

Will she work out how to control her powers? And can the giant mud serpent, the Mudowar, help her find out what happened in the past? Can Philip and her children forgive her? Each of them has powerful magic of their own. And who is that ghost from her past, threatening to seize the reign in her absence?

"The focus of this novel is on family bonding and the inner workings of the soul and emotional depths. There's adventure and magic too. But if you don't like the domestic and emotional aspects then perhaps this novel is not for you."

Mineral – queen and mother – and ready to weed out her darkness.
How does someone recover from old traumas? Let's discover regression therapy, motherhood, ancient bear magic and symbolism.

Using deep relaxation, Mineral is able to travel in time and into her subconsciousness, to heal the wounds of the past.

In this story about Queen Mineral we return to both the Kingdom of the Eternal Flame and the Kingdom of Fenilya; the latter a magical underground kingdom with troubling magical and political issues. We encounter dokkálves again, along with other magical creatures like lindwurms, ravens, dragons, fylgjor and berserkers – elemental earth magic at its best.

Every novel has a happy ending, and there are no cliff-hangers. Each book in the Werifesteria elemental novels series can be read as a stand-alone story, but for the complete experience and to avoid spoilers it’s recommended that you read them in order.

Queen of mud and time by Anneli von Knorring is the third volume of the Werifesteria elemental novels and explores old trauma, being burnt out, motherhood and family relationships, using the symbolism of the bear. And there are deep roots. The symbolism of the bear hails from at least the time of the Vikings.

Prepare yourself for a soul deep adventure, new discoveries, a magical realm and heartfelt love.

This bundle is for you who love a feel-good, easy read adventure, wants to explore the ancient bear symbolism from Scandinavia, along with a the soul felt "I'm still wondering" to really embrace the inner healing and love of the bear.

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  • Perfect for "me-time" and you can throw in as many dance breaks as you need
  • Discover the strength of the bear inside yourself
  • Author: Anneli von Knorring
  • Volume 1 in the Werifesteria elemental novels (but no cliff hangers)
  • Full novel, 315 pages, Queen of mud and time (paperback)
  • Song: "I'm still wondering" as download (Mp3)
  • Extras: Mmusic art cover (PDF, JPEG)

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